Agricultural Superintendent Certification Programme

Application for Certification Form

By submitting this application the candidate's employer is considered to have read and accepted the requirements and conditions set out in the IFIA Certification Programme Guidelines (available at

The names entered here will be shown on the certificates of successful candidates. Please make sure that they are entered correctly.

The name must match the candidate’s ID/Passport. Any omissions may result in the candidate being denied the right to sit the examination.

Eligibility Requirements

All candidates must:

  • Have completed all of the training tasks noted in the Agricultural Superintendent Certification Programme Training Requirements List.
  • Be aware of and conversant with specific health and safety requirements laid down by national, regional or international regulatory bodies operative in the location of normal employment.
  • Have received appropriate training in the use of respiratory apparatus should this be a normal working requirement.
  • Be qualified to work under such regulations as may be specified locally in the normal place of employment by such bodies as port or customs authorities
  • Have a minimum of six months field experience working as an agricultural superintendent

Employer’s Statement of Candidate’s Eligibility

This section must be completed by the candidate's line manager, or other senior company representative. Candidates may not complete this section on their company's behalf.

"As the authorized representative of the employer of this candidate, I confirm that the candidate meets the above requirements. I understand that it is the employer's responsibility to determine that the candidate continues to meet the above requirements to retain his or her standing as an IFIA Certified Agricultural Superintendent. The candidate's experience and training records have been reviewed and meet the requirements as specified by TIC-Council. I understand that any incorrect attestation to these facts will render the candidate's certificate null and void."

If you are the branch manager registering yourself, this field must be filled out by a superior or another senior staff.

Once this application has been approved, you will be charged for this candidate even if you do not schedule an examination for them. An invoice will be sent roughly one month after approval. Please try to schedule your examinations as soon as possible after approval to avoid any issues or contact if you face any difficulties.